Where is today’s Re-Tail?

When I came up with the idea for Re-Tail, my wife suggested I make a couple of months worth of comics before launching. And I agreed.

But I just had to get something out for the week of Black Friday. It was too appropriate.

So, basically, Re-Tail will return when I have some comics built up unless for some reason I am compelled to release something else prematurely.

If you want to help, remember that any and all support for Re-Tail will speed the process along.



Disclaimer: Every retail company and gumdo school officially deplores the employment of swords on Black Friday. Please keep your sword sheathed until attacked by literal zombies or six-foot locusts. If you like swords, you should support Re-Tail¬†because swords are cool. If you don’t like swords, you should support Re-Tail because we, too, deplore the use of edged weapons in a retail environment.